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Approval level: 85%
Updated : 2011-08-29
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Category: Wallpapers
SubCategory: Illustrations
Type: Freeware
Size: 450kb.
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"Bring the world of Lyoko to your PC."

One day, a group of college friends, Jeremu, Ulrich, Odd and Yumi, discover the existence of an abandoned factory, which has a supercomputer which controls a virtual world called Lyoko. The world of Lyoko is controlled via a virus called X.A.N.A., obssessed by wiping the memory of a virtual girl who is called Aelita.

When the guys in Lyoko Code learn of this, they decide to take action and save Aelita, so she can be one day devirtualized and live a normal life with them. But X.A.N.A. isn't going to make things easy, and will make things as difficult as possible in both the real and virtual worlds for them.

Virtualize yourself in Lyoko Code together with Jeremu, Ulrich, Odd, Yumi and Aelita and help this group of friends defeat X.A.N.A., decorating your PC with this fabulous wallpaper in which you can see Aelita, Odd and Yumi inside Lyoko.

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